What are the benefits of studying abroad according to an international student?


  • Patience T Nyoka Miss Thompson Rivers University


international student, study abroad, benefits, disadvantages


In a day and age where technology and education is constantly advancing for third world countries, many wonder if studying abroad still holds any benefits as students can now find the same level of education in their home countries as they did abroad. Despite this enhancement in third world countries, studying abroad still has positive results as there are many aspects involved in the process of studying abroad other than the level of education. For example, experiences attained, friendships made, exposure to new cultures, teaching methods, books and ways of life are all essential for the growth of an individual and all these aspects can be acquired from studying abroad. However, there are some negative aspects of studying abroad. For example, being homesick and struggling to cope in a new environment, but these are all challenges that can easily be overcome as technology allows students to keep in touch with family members. Due to this, the proâs of studying abroad outweigh the cons and that is why studying abroad is still a viable option