Vol. 3 No. 1 (2020)

Welcome to Dialogues Volume 3!

Volume 3 was truly a team effort. Much gratitude and thanks are owed to everyone who worked to make this volume a reality, especially in these most interesting of times. First, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Dr. Anne St. John-Stark, Dr. Brittany Reid, and Dr. Taylor McKee. Your guidance, wisdom, and experience were instrumental in the production of Volume 3.

Next, my heartfelt thanks to my student editorial committee: Maneet Kular, Lorina MacLeod, and Robert McAlaster. Thank you for all of your hard work. Your studious attention to detail and willingness to adapt are most appreciated. Finally, the Volume 3 editorial committee extends its thanks to our assistant editors: Andrew Pettit, Dr. Robert Hanlon, Dr. Bruce Baugh, Dr. Jenna Woodrow, and Dr. Jeff McLaughlin. Your expertise makes the standard of quality to which Dialogues aspires possible.

As I am sure we are all aware, 2020 has brought unique challenges to academia and the world at large. The willingness of the Volume 3 editorial committee, our assistant editors, and our submitters to continue working to make Volume 3 a reality is truly a testament to the positive power of this project. I would take this moment to again thank the editorial committee members, assistant editors, and submitters for your unflagging optimism and perseverance. Your efforts are seen and, I hope, rewarded in the successful publication of this volume of Dialogues.

It is our hope that the challenges faced and overcome in the process of preparing this volume for publication will add to the ever-increasing pool of knowledge which will be passed along to the editorial committees of future volumes of Dialogues. We wish them the best of luck and smooth sailing.

We look forward to the 2021 TRU Philosophy, History, and Politics Undergraduate Research Conference and to receiving submissions from the next fantastic group of students.


Miranda Fish

Dialogues Editor in Chief, Volume 3



Editor-in-Chief: Miranda Fish, Thompson Rivers University

Editors: Maneet Kular, Thompson Rivers University

  Lorina MacLeod, Thompson Rivers University

  Robert McAlaster, Thompson Rivers University

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Annie St. John-Stark, Thompson Rivers University

  Dr. Brittany Reid, Thompson Rivers University

  Dr. Taylor McKee, Thompson Rivers University

Assistant Editors: Dr. Robert Hanlon, Thompson Rivers University

  Dr. Bruce Baugh, Thompson Rivers University

  Dr. Jenna Woodrow, Thompson Rivers University

  Dr. Jeff McLaughlin, Thompson Rivers University

  Andrew Pettit, University of Western Ontario

Published: 2020-08-11