• Vol. 5 No. 1 (2022)

    Welcome to Volume 5 of Dialogues

    This year’s volume highlights the academic research presented by undergraduate students at the Philosophy, History, and Politics Conference at Thompson Rivers University in 2022. We are excited to finally have the opportunity to share this volume after months of diligent work by both the authors and the editorial committee of Dialogues. Volume 5 is a reflection of our collaborative efforts to revise, refine and showcase well-researched undergraduate scholarship.

    Having the opportunity to oversee the publication of Volume 5 of Dialogues has been a privilege for us and we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the faculty members and fellow students who made up the editorial committee. The dedication of your time and efforts was essential to the completion of this year’s editorial processes. Furthermore, we are immensely appreciative of the assistant editors of Volume 5: Dr. Margaret Carlyle, Dr. Taylor McKee, and Dr. Antone Minard for volunteering their expertise and knowledge to the journal. Their generous assistance was invaluable to our work and helps to maintain the standard of quality that Dialogues desires to meet.

    As we complete the publication of Volume 5, we are looking forward to future publications of Dialogues and the outstanding efforts put forward by submitters and editors alike.


    Shae Buchan & Travis Moody


    Dialogues Volume 5 Editorial Committee:

    Shae Buchan, Co-Editor-in-Chief (Thompson Rivers University)

    Travis Moody, Co-Editor-in-Chief (Thompson Rivers University)

    Daniel Bunting, Editor (Thompson Rivers University)

    Nicole Pelcher, Editor (Thompson Rivers University)

    Malea Sodke, Editor (Thompson Rivers University)

    Dr. Wesley Furlotte, Faculty Mentor (Assistant Teaching Professor, Thompson Rivers University)

    Dr. Terry Kading, Faculty Mentor (Assistant Teaching Professor, Thompson Rivers University)

    Dr. Annie St. John-Stark, Faculty Mentor (Assistant Professor, Thompson Rivers University)

    Assistant Editors

    Dr. Margaret Carlyle (Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia - Okanagan)

    Dr. Taylor McKee (Assistant Professor, Brock University)

    Dr. Antone Minard (Lecturer, University of British Columbia)


    Published: 2023-02-28

  • Vol. 4 No. 1 (2021)

    Welcome to Volume 4 of Dialogues! This issue is a celebration of the scholarship presented at the Philosophy, History, and Politics Conference of 2021. For the past year, scholars who presented at the conference have worked closely with the Dialogues Editorial Committee to revise, refine, and publish their work in this volume. We would like thank them for all the hard work and effort they have put in this process, and we wish them well in their future endeavours. 

    On the behalf of the Dialogues Editorial Committee, I would like to extend a special thanks to our Assistant Editors: Tina Block, Wilson Bell, and Robert Hanlon, who volunteered their time and expertise during the publication process. We appreciate your continued support for undergraduate research and scholarship.

    I would also like to personally thank the editorial committee of Dialogues, which is comprised of fellow undergraduate students and faculty mentors, who dedicated their time each week towards the publication of this journal. It would not have been possible without you.

    Thank you,

    Maneet Kular


    Dialogues Volume 4 Editorial Committee:

    Maneet Kular, Editor-in-Chief (Thompson Rivers University)

    Shae Buchan, Editor (Thompson Rivers University)

    Marcus Marasco, Editor (Thompson Rivers University)

    Travis Moody, Editor (Thompson Rivers University)

    Shailynn Moorey, Editor (Thompson Rivers University)

    Heidi Nolin, Editor (Thompson Rivers University)

    Jonathon Zimmer, Editor (Thompson Rivers University)

    Dr. Annie St. John-Stark, Faculty Mentor (Assistant Professor, Thompson Rivers University)

    Dr. Wesley Furlotte, Faculty Mentor (Assistant Teaching Professor, Thompson Rivers University)

    Assistant Editors

    Dr. Wilson Bell, Associate Professor, Thompson Rivers University

    Dr. Tina Block, Associate Professor, Thompson Rivers University

    Dr. Robert Hanlon, Associate Professor, Thompson Rivers University

  • Vol. 3 No. 1 (2020)

    Welcome to Dialogues Volume 3!

    Volume 3 was truly a team effort. Much gratitude and thanks are owed to everyone who worked to make this volume a reality, especially in these most interesting of times. First, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Dr. Anne St. John-Stark, Dr. Brittany Reid, and Dr. Taylor McKee. Your guidance, wisdom, and experience were instrumental in the production of Volume 3.

    Next, my heartfelt thanks to my student editorial committee: Maneet Kular, Lorina MacLeod, and Robert McAlaster. Thank you for all of your hard work. Your studious attention to detail and willingness to adapt are most appreciated. Finally, the Volume 3 editorial committee extends its thanks to our assistant editors: Andrew Pettit, Dr. Robert Hanlon, Dr. Bruce Baugh, Dr. Jenna Woodrow, and Dr. Jeff McLaughlin. Your expertise makes the standard of quality to which Dialogues aspires possible.

    As I am sure we are all aware, 2020 has brought unique challenges to academia and the world at large. The willingness of the Volume 3 editorial committee, our assistant editors, and our submitters to continue working to make Volume 3 a reality is truly a testament to the positive power of this project. I would take this moment to again thank the editorial committee members, assistant editors, and submitters for your unflagging optimism and perseverance. Your efforts are seen and, I hope, rewarded in the successful publication of this volume of Dialogues.

    It is our hope that the challenges faced and overcome in the process of preparing this volume for publication will add to the ever-increasing pool of knowledge which will be passed along to the editorial committees of future volumes of Dialogues. We wish them the best of luck and smooth sailing.

    We look forward to the 2021 TRU Philosophy, History, and Politics Undergraduate Research Conference and to receiving submissions from the next fantastic group of students.


    Miranda Fish

    Dialogues Editor in Chief, Volume 3



    Editor-in-Chief: Miranda Fish, Thompson Rivers University

    Editors: Maneet Kular, Thompson Rivers University

      Lorina MacLeod, Thompson Rivers University

      Robert McAlaster, Thompson Rivers University

    Faculty Advisors: Dr. Annie St. John-Stark, Thompson Rivers University

      Dr. Brittany Reid, Thompson Rivers University

      Dr. Taylor McKee, Thompson Rivers University

    Assistant Editors: Dr. Robert Hanlon, Thompson Rivers University

      Dr. Bruce Baugh, Thompson Rivers University

      Dr. Jenna Woodrow, Thompson Rivers University

      Dr. Jeff McLaughlin, Thompson Rivers University

      Andrew Pettit, University of Western Ontario

  • Vol. 2 No. 1 (2019)

    Volume 2 has arrived!

    It truly takes a village to complete a project of this size and much gratitude is owed to Dialogues’ 2020 editorial team who stood with me along the way. First, to Dr. Annie St. John-Stark, who continues to be a source of direction, wisdom, and energy behind our team. Next, my student editorial team who committed to this journey with me: Joe Flanagan, Miranda Fish, and Tristan Muhr. Thank you for immersing yourself in this project with such care, thoughtfulness, and much laughter! Additional recognition goes to Jimmy Latin. He served on the editorial board for several months and has now transferred to Concordia University. All the best in Montreal, Jimmy. Thank you to Annie, Joe, Miranda, Tristan, and Jimmy for carving out time to make weekly meetings. It has been my experience in life that sometimes showing up is the hardest part. Thank you for showing up for me and for the students whose work is published in Dialogues. Thank you for having patience with me and holding space for me to be Editor in Chief. I continue to grow and evolve as a leader through this process. Sufficient thanks must also be extended to faculty who already have and who will provide a review for Dialogues Volume 2. We appreciate your ongoing support. We have taken a new approach to editing and publication for this Volume. Rather than having a large batch of papers to upload all at once, we took each paper through the editing process one-by-one and will be publishing papers to Volume 2 as they are ready. Readers can expect new papers uploaded regularly through the end of January. We hope this will encourage consistent engagement with the journal and it has improved our workflow as editors. Working on a project such as Dialogues comes with constant and unexpected challenges. Dialogues continues to be a learning experience from which we will grow and use to improve the journal for next year. Our current editors not only continue to work on submissions, but also on composing and revising editorial policies. The journal's title speaks to these sentiments: we aim to create an ongoing dialogue with editors, students, faculty, and readers.

    We look forward to the 2020 TRU Philosophy, History, and Politics Conference and to receiving submissions from the next fantastic group of students.


    Abby Dunlop

    Dialogues Editor in Chief


    Abby Dunlop Editor in Chief

    Miranda Fish

    Joe Flanagan

    Tristan Muhr

    Dr. Anne St. John-Stark Faculty Advisor

  • Vol. 1 No. 1 (2018)

    Abby Dunlop Editor in Chief & Co-Founder

    Tim Burris

    Matthew Arkinstall Co-Founder

    Dr. Anne St. John-Stark Faculty Advisor